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Valentines Exotic Perfumes and Vintage Bottles
  • Comes gift boxed and decorated - ready to delight
    Comes Ready to Delight
    Gift Boxed
  • Valentines Gifts-Unique, Exotic, Exquisite
    Unique, Exotic, Exquisite
    Valentine's Gifts
  • Indulge Your Senses
    Incense Lamps
  • Bespoke Perfumer- Custom Fragrance
    Custom Fragrance
    Bespoke Perfumery
  • Anywhere - Anytime
    Shop Online
  • Vintage handcrafted perfume bottles and artisan crafted natural perfumes
    Vintage Handcrafted Bottles
    Collectable Perfumes
  • AlchemistsRoom Aromatic Jewelry-Perfume Lockets, Vials, Pendants and Prayer Boxes
    Lockets, Prayer Boxes, Vials
    Perfume Pendants
  • AlchemistsRoom Gift Boutique
    Unique, Exotic, Artisanal
    Gift Boutique
  • Alchemy Perfumes and Attars
    Natural Fragrance
  • Alchemy Magical
    Feel the Magic
  • Nature's Medicine Chest
  • Alchemy Aromatherapy
    Health, Beauty, Enjoyment
  • Alchemy Essential Oils by The Alchemists Room (AlchemistsRoom)
    Shop Online
    Essential Oils

The AlchemistsRoom

The Alchemist’s Room (AlchemistsRoom) , aka The Alchemists Room Alchemist's Room, Alchemists Room or AlchemistsRoom, is located in Atlanta, Georgia and operates primarily on the web as an eCommerce site. The AlchemistsRoom is an aromatherapy boutique and aromatherapy gift shop, which imports common and hard to find essential oils, various types of natural essences such as hydrosols, attars and we also import and sell exotic artisan perfume bottles from around the world.

The Alchemist's Room
Alchemy Bodyworx
Location: 4633 Buford Highway Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30341
Phone: 404-537-2026
Skype: alchemistsroom (contact approval required)
By Appointment Only
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