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The Alchemist’s Room is an importer of pure essential oils and is located in Atlanta, GA, USA. Our business has been in operation since 1995, and founded with over 20 years of experience in aromatherapy, essential oils and natural health.
Through The Alchemist’s Room Online Boutique we supply only high quality and rare essential oils for professional use by practitioners in aromatherapy, natural health, alternative health and professional fine perfumers.
We import the oils directly ourselves, so we are familiar with the farms and producers who adhere to international quality standards. All oils are quality certified to meet international standards. This means organic in the USA. Additionally all essential oils are examined by a certified aromatherapist and all oils are bottled with care by hand. All of the above is likewise true for our artisan crafted synergies, perfumes and blends.
We do not put lot of money into expensive marketing or industrial processing and packaging because we believe in putting the money into quality instead. No vendor can put a lot of money into both, otherwise the price point is simply too high and no one will buy it.
We do not have the volume / economies of scale of the large retail distributors. What we do have is higher quality, artistry and qualified knowledge behind selct6ion and blending, and personal service.
Our oils are used by professional aromatherapists, healthcare practitioners, perfumers and those who make high quality pure aromatherapy products. Used in clinical applications, used in beauty apps by spas and estoticians. Alternative healthcare. Traditional medicine in countries like France and Germany that value natural products and recognize the efficacy.
As part of our commitment to quality and due to intended use by professionals we provide not only a general name of the essential oil (i.e. Lavender), but the genus, species and variety, as well as country of origin. This helps professionals know the specific qualities and composition.
For professionals and those who love beautiful scents or natural healthy living you can find a wealth of information on this site.
Information Provided on Our Labels:
Specific Variety of Oil – Genus and Species
Country of Origin
Main Chemotypes
Extraction Method
Therapeutic Benefits
How to use – Basic to All
Disclaimers and Warnings
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We offer quality online classes in aromatherapy for professionals and non-professionals. You will find something for everyone. The online classes come with practice kits and the easily accessible videos and information allows you to review, practice and reference as many times as you like. You will find you get more time, more hands on practice and more depth than in a traditional classroom format. Instructor support is always available so you have all the support you need.