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The AlchemistsRoom

The Alchemist’s Room (AlchemistsRoom) , aka The Alchemists Room Alchemist's Room, Alchemists Room or AlchemistsRoom, is located in Atlanta, Georgia and operates primarily on the web as an eCommerce site. The AlchemistsRoom is an aromatherapy boutique and aromatherapy gift shop, which imports common and hard to find essential oils, various types of natural essences such as hydrosols, attars and we also import and sell exotic artisan perfume bottles from around the world. The AlchemistsRoom (Alchemist's Room) gift shop offers incense, incense burners, oil burners and aromatherapy diffusers, aromatherapy pendants and lockets and other aromatic jewelry. We also offer imported luxury and decorative items and romantic gifts such as imported gourmet chocolates, gourmet teas and decorative, collectable and vintage items. In business since 1998, The Alchemist’s Room provides essential oils, synergies and aromatherapy accessories and supplies. Online and live aromatherapy and perfumery courses are also available as well as certification courses for natural health professionals. For information about courses, speaking engagements or wholesale, please contact The Alchemist through this website.

Alchemy Bodyworx (http://www.alchemistsroom/Bodyworx) is the service end of The Alchemist's Room (AlchemistsRoom). As a certified and licensed natural health provider, clinical aromatherapist, nutritionist, and herbalist, we offer well-body consultation and care in the form of well-body care through the Atlanta Natural Health Clinic. Services include: Natural Health and Wellness care and consultation. Holistic healing, clinical aromatherapy for pain relief and wellness in conjunction with therapeutic massage, energy work and body work.
Muscular therapy, massage therapy, massology, detox massage, energy clearing and balancing, therapeutic exercise, stretching and rehabilitation. pain relief, headache relief, low back pain relief, shoulder pain relief, thoracic outlet syndrome treatment, carpel tunnel syndrome treatment, tendonitis treatment, sciatic nerve pain treatment, neck pain treatment, foot pain treatment, leg cramp and leg pain treatment, chronic fatigue treatment. Myofascial release, connective tissue release, scar tissue release, proprioceptive stretching, neuromuscular, trigger point, shiatsu, acupressure, Swedish relaxation techniques, deep tissue, sports massage.

Services are available by appointment only with a doctor referral. Consultations can be scheduled online and are remote by Skype or telephone.

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The Alchemist's Room
Alchemy Bodyworx
Location: 4633 Buford Highway Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30341
Phone: 404-537-2026
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