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Winter De-Icing with Lemon Essential Oil

De-icing your car windshield on a cold winter morning can be quicker and easier. Ground crews often use coca-cola to de-ice the By the same token the acid in lemon melts away frost and ice quite effectively. I used to spend so much time warming the car with the window defrosters on, scraping and pouring lukewarm water and scraping more. Now I can be up and running in no time with no scraping. Follow these instructions for a lemon-powered quick start.


Spring Cleaning

Get Ready
Get ready for spring cleaning with all natural and healthy cleaning products made with aromatherapy essential oils. Banish negative and stale energy from winter and leave your home feeling bright, cheerful,and smelling wonderful. Another big plus is that this makes your home a healing home. You home will be cleaner and healthier and it the essential oils have a healing effect on your body, mind and spirit too. This is a far cry from the days of cleaning with toxic chemicals.


Le Monde d'Alchemist

Le Monde d'Alchemist is a look at the mystical and beautiful side of the world with childlike curiosity. Explore teh four corners of the earth with its wealth of beauty, culture, wisdom, art, poetry, myth and legend.