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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Get Ready
Get ready for spring cleaning with all natural and healthy cleaning products made with aromatherapy essential oils. Banish negative and stale energy from winter and leave your home feeling bright, cheerful,and smelling wonderful. Another big plus is that this makes your home a healing home. You home will be cleaner and healthier and it the essential oils have a healing effect on your body, mind and spirit too. This is a far cry from the days of cleaning with toxic chemicals.

Do you want to get your home really clean, but without the irritating chemical smell? Would you like a way to clean that also clears energy and uplifts and brightens your mood with the scent? Would you like make cleaning your home a health giving experience that leaves you feeling better, brighter, stronger, and more energized, and makes your home a healthier place for everyone?

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for a Healthy and Vibrantly Clean Home
Aromatherapy is more than just a nice scent. Aromatherapy uses real plant essential oils which have therapeutic properties. Essential oils are anti-microbial and citrus oils are good for disinfecting. Citrus, because of the germ killing properties and the wonderful aroma are great air fresheners. They are also strong cleaners, capable of easily removing dirt, grime and they dissolve grease and sticky mess. These oils nourish wood, deep cleaning and leaving a beautiful shine. They are superb at cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. Read on to learn how to put citrus essential oils to work for you in your home.

Citrus Essential Oils for Healthy Home Cleaning
My favorite three citrus essential oils to use in cleaning are lemon, orange and grapefruit. Use any of these alone or in combination - the combination or synergy of these three is a wonderful aroma. My husband loves this aroma and the way the house smells and feels after cleaning. Lemon is my preference for hard surfaces. Lemon essential oil is laboratory tested and found to kill 99.99% of bacteria. Alcohol is a common disinfectant, but what they do not tell you is that the weak, adulterated and mostly water isopropal alchohol that you buy over the counter is ineffective. What is effective is 190 proof grain alcohol. I like to mix lemon essential oil into 190 proof alcohol in a spray bottle as a disinfectant.

I keep one of these lemon-alcohol spray bottles in the bathroom and one in the kitchen at all times. It is food safe and non-toxic and kills germs, so a much better kitchen cleaner than chemicals, and dish detergent alone will not kill germs. I clean as I cook in the kitchen and after I wipe a counter, sink, stove or clean a cutting board, I spray it with the lemon-alcohol spray. This ensures that your surfaces are really clean. This is especially important when you have washed and cut vegetables (remember, even spinach has been on occasion found to have e-coli), and when cutting chicken, pork or red meat.

Disinfecting the Bathroom
In the bathroom, give the shower, sink, faucet and fixtures a spray after you have cleaned. I also spray between cleanings just when using the sink. Good hygiene really cuts down on the spread of germs. Remember to always close the toilette seat before flushing because micro-particles go into the air when you flush. Wash your hands, scrubbing well, wash off the sprayer handle and nozzle (always keeping it clean), spray the faucets, hands, arms, take a towel and turn off faucets with towel. Spray and clean the light switch each time you use the facilities too. Finally a parting spritz in the air to freshen.

Cleaning Hard and Soft Surfaces with Essential Oils
To clean hard surfaces of grime, add a little essential oil to soap, or just spray and scrub with the lemon-alcohol spray. To clean wood surfaces, use lemon oil neat or for floor mix in a bit of lemon essential oil or orange essential oil in water and mop. Grapefruit essential oil also works well and had a wonderful aroma. Be careful not to use the lemon-alcohol mixture on your wood surfaces. Whether polished, polyurethane or painted, this combination is so strong, it will eat the surface off.

Clearing the Energy for Spring
As you give your home good once-over, sweeping, dusting or cleaning and vacuuming floors, walls, cleaning and corners, finish with a spritz of essential oil spray in the corners. As you do this be thankful for what you have, and out with the old and in with the new.

Spring Cleaning DeClutter?
Most of us like to go through our drawers, closets and clutter and weed out what we have not been using. Take your stuff to Goodwill or the Salvation Army or a second-hand store. As you remove items and freshen these dark corners that do not get regular attention, sweep, vacuum and dust and yes, spritz with the essential oil spray. Affirm that any negativity or stagnant energy be gone and add that spritz of vibrancy to every crevice!

Freshening Soft Surfaces
Mix any of the citrus oils in water in a spray bottle and spritz on carpets, fabric, upholstery, curtains furniture and linens. Remember that this kills germs and leaves a great feel and smell. You can also put some essential oil in your laundry rinse, and spray a towel or wash cloth and throw in the dryer to freshen. You can also spray cloths or handkerchiefs and place in doors to freshen.

Easy Natural Air Fresheners
An quick and easy way to leave a fresh scent in your home is to just spray or add a few drops of essential oil to a natural ornament. I use pine cones and stones. Add some essential oil drops to the pine cone and place somewhere in the room for an attractive scent freshener. The same with stones (not polished) or any porous material.

A Clean, Fresh and Healthy Home
You will feel so good and confident that your home is clean and freshened from top to bottom. Your sparkling clean home will feel great and smell great and people really notice and appreciate it as soon as they enter. This good feeling and smell is not just superficial like chemical scents. You can know that you are actually doing something good for your health. You now have a vibrant healthy home.

Although this is called "Spring Cleaning", I do this once every quarter when the seasons change. it is a great way to bring in the season, get a fresh start and keep your home in top shape.

How to Make Healthy House Cleaners with Essential Oils

Hard Cleaner
I call this Hard Cleaner because 1) it is used on hard surfaces and 2) it is made with alcohol (like hard cider)
1 16 oz spray bottle
190 proof grain alcohol (Golden Grain or EverClear) 16oz
Lemon essential oil 5ml

Soft Cleaner
I called this soft cleaner because, you guessed it, it is used on soft surfaces like wood, plastic, vinyl, fabric.
1 16oz spray bottle
Water 16oz
Lemon essential oil 5ml
You can also use a combination of citrus oils.

The Alchemist's Signature Air Freshener and Diffuser Synergy
Make a 10ml pure synergy of essential oils, then you can add it to water or alcohol or to a diffuser.
Lemon 2
Orange 3
Grapefruit 3
Lavender 1
Ylang Ylang 1

You can purchase this synergy online here or order the essential oils individually and make your own.
Have fun brightening your home and enjoy!