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  • Alchemy Aromatherapy Classes

    Alchemist's Room Saturday Aromatherapy Classes
    Alchemy Aromatherapy Classes
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    Saturday Morning Series

    The Saturday morning series consists of three class, each one hour in length. Each one hour class is part of an ongoing series and each week we will cover a different topic and set of essential oils in that series. A kit of essential oils is included in all paid classes. There is a free class the first Saturday of each month, Introduction to Aromatherapy. Purchase your class here and reserve a seat on the appointment calendar!

    Alchemy Tarot
    Spiritual & Energetic Aromatherapy
    Tarot Aromatherapy – Spiritual Synergies for meditation, personal growth and breakthrough based on the major arcana of the Tarot. There are 0-21 plus four Aces one for each suit. Each card holds a message, meaning and is an obstacle, opportunity or something we are working to develop in ourselves. A synergy has been developed for each based on the spiritual and energetic properties of the essential oils. Each synergy evokes the energy needed by the card. Explore with us each step on the path of the major arcana, discussion of the meaning, challenges and growth opportunity. Join us in this study and meditation weekly.
    Time: 1hr Price: $10 class & materials. Includes a synergy each week to take home.

  • Alchemy Tarot

    Alchemy Tarot Aromatherapy
    Alchemy Tarot
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    April 25, 2015

    0-The Fool: New beginnings, opportunities, beginner's mind, freshness, awakening.